Even though I am uncoordinated, have a weak right ankle, and at the age of 25 still can’t REALLY roller-skate without toppling over: I’ve always had this desire to have a disco roller rink moment with a playlist featuring songs from David Bowie, Donna Summer and the Village People (who I am embarrassingly love).

The above photo is from a roller-rink in Brooklyn that my then roommate and I visited in 2014. It was actually really fun to try to learn to balance on skates (…again, I feel like I should know this by now..) and the instructors would skate up to you, offer helpful advice, and try to make you feel like less of an idiot when you inevitably BIT IT in front of everyone. I remember crawling to the bench at one point, my bruised up shins hurt so bad, and then giving myself a permanent time-out while my roommate skated loops around me and my throbbing legs.

Anyway, the point of this post -fluffy and kind of pointless…just like disco- is that I’m making a public commitment to learn how to roller-skate without embarrassing myself.