Last weekend my friends and I went to NYC to attend RuPaul’s Drag Con: a Comic Con for people who love the show.

We got there Saturday morning and waited in the best dressed line in herstory. It was wrapped around entire blocks and VERY entertaining to a man leaning out of his truck to gawk at the scary monsters and super creeps.


We walked in and headed towards the RuPaul shrine, beautifully outfitted with his dresses from the show


Then we hopped in the line to meet James St. James, who could not have been nicer, or more engaging, with every person he met. He looked bright and cheerful, wearing Vera Bradley’s fall collection. (I’m joking, James. I loved your colorful suit and sensible-but-chic slippers). We chatted for a bit and he autographed his book Freak Show and hugged me for a pic that is now my profile picture on FreakBook.


While standing in line we saw Joanne the Scammer walk by, and heard people cheer wildly or ask their friends, “…Who?”

I don’t think Joanne even had a booth – scamming RuPaul out of paying for one, I guess – but was just walking around so that people (like me) could salute her with their iPhones.


I was also super excited to meet Randy Jones – the cowboy from The Village People, especially since I went through this weird phase at age 13 when I exclusively listened to 1970s punk rock or disco… He was super sweet and I told him that my favorite song is “Go West” – a song that my friend said was obscure enough to make him like me. (It wasn’t even listed on the poster, thankyouverymuch)


Also, we picked a weird time to be in NYC since it coincided with the premiere of “It.”

We saw creepy clowns and their luftballoons all over the convention.


Sunday started off in complete chaos, as we were herded like sheep into a packed floor to try and meet RuPaul- 2 hours before the event opened. Finally, security guards went down each line to say that the (barn) door would open and we should WALK, NOT RUN to the stairs as a giant group.


Of course, everybody pretty much ran, anyway, and yet I was the only one to fall while hustling up the stairs. This was karma for me watching the staircases on Saturday to see if any of the (wo)men wearing 4 inch stilettos would topple over.

As the mob made its way upstairs it was LITERALLY a drag race, but none of us ended up winning since the tickets to meet Ru were evidently sold out.

It was still a fun day, though, as I got to meet Amanda Lepore, Tammie Brown, and our president


At the end of the day, as we sat on the floor to rest, I noticed a carpet show going on and wandered over to this separate event out of curiosity.

“Can I come in to Carpet Con?” I asked the lady, noting that I was from Drag Con and just wanted to look around for a minute. She didn’t find “Carpet Con” funny, I guess, because she wouldn’t let me in. But it’s ok because I laughed at my dumb joke enough for the both of us.


We left shortly after- going outside to people watch and sing the RuPaul songs that had been pumping from the speakers all day. It was an amazing, unforgettable weekend, but it was finally time to Sashay away.