oprah lohan

I’m not a big hugger. I don’t know what it is about physical contact, but I generally just.. don’t like it. I like people, I like my friends, but I don’t usually want to be wrapped up in anyone’s arms if I can help it. I will try to avoid your friendship tentacles even if you mean a lot to me and we haven’t seen each other in a while (sorry), but if you DO grab me – I tend to go limp and do a quick pat before breaking our embrace after like 10 seconds because I feel too awkward.

So it was a relief years ago when I found yet another way to be inspired by Oprah – someone worshipped by the people but rarely touched by them – who would much rather give out a car than a hug. I watched as she ’embraced’ guests on her show (and Lindsay Lohan in the above pic): giving them the illusion of a hug but actually keeping her arms extended in a “Don’t move any closer” stance of love.

I respect this move a lot and have started to use it. People feel like they’re getting something kind of resembling a hug, and you feel like you get some distance.

Cheers (but not hugs) to you, Oprah.


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