Next we wandered over to The National Museum of Natural History which, speaking of booger-handed tots, is probably the best museum to take kiddos to as it has sparkly gems for the little ladies and dinosaur bones for the boys. Yes, I know it’s 2017 and boys can like gems, girls like dinosaurs, etc; but I’m going off of my experience, which is that Brendan (boy) was way more excited about the dinosaurs, and I (girl) was way more excited by the gems. Pretty stones like:


The Hope Diamond: which is way more interesting when you read about its curse and how it once belonged to Marie Antionette (…while she still had a neck to wear it).


This mineral rainbow that was basically made to be Instagrammed


Something cooked by Walter White


This black hole looking crystal in the gift shop


A reassuring sign (yes – they do)


And my australopithecus friend Lucy, who was named after the Beatles song, and probably had better posture than me.